30 May 2010

Tumbling through the crises

The conference with the family was a bit shocking. There were more questions generated than answers to the older issues. Still, we have a course of investigation now, where before we only had educated guesses.

I filed my papers with Mother so that I could start canvassing the mountain district as part of the Health Brigade. As long as we were at it, I might as well make it official, and help on two fronts for the clan and Vater.

Making the transition back to Steelhead, I intended to check up on my charges there when the shock reached through the planes. Vlok het - Koen was transitioning forward? Was he mad? Well, yeah, okay - he IS a Mason, that goes with the territory, but whatever... I picked up Qli's distress signal, and marked the coordinates. I wasn't sure I could make it there without a boost, but I could arrange that in Steelhead.

Landing on the roof of the Consulate office building, I dug my key to the hatch out of my belt-pouch, when another wave hit me - Zaide? He was back? Wait, what in the name of the Seven Sciences did Father think he was doing?

Then another connection snapped into place and I had no thoughts other than getting to New Toulouse.

17 May 2010

So much to do, so few hours.

I spiraled in over the lake, the late morning sun causing sparkles on the surface. My goal was the cabin he was building for himself. Very good work, for one who was near death not so long ago.

I landed, and took stock of the area. His horse was nowhere nearby, but it seemed the pair of them were together, possibly on a supply run.

[did you bring me anything?] the nudging purr at my ankle asked. I smiled and pulled the bundle from my waist pouch. Likely that the tomcat had scented it, prompting him to speak to me. The salmon had been caught fresh that morning, part of breakfast not eaten when I caught up with Papa on patrol.

The little cat growl-purred his way through his meal, and as he finished, I asked, [Any news, little cousin?]

He groomed his whiskers, [doctor was here, some builder-types. No urchins] he said, shaking his paw in distaste at mentioning them.

[Not all of them are as bad as the one I rescued you from.] That little git had gone to ground soon after, whether he was caught by Gloom or was just staying out of my sight, I did not care.

[Poor treatment, no proper offerings from the lot of them] he growled, and continued his post-meal grooming. [not much from him either] an ear-twitch toward the house said which him was meant [but he speaks well] The cat stopped grooming [he has nightmares, but they do not come from here]

I nodded, [He has many threads still hooked in him. Please watch out for him while I am gone?]

[you will bring fish] the cat stated. As he turned to sun himself on the step, he affirmed [will watch].