15 July 2009

Esoteric Ailments in Possible Neophyte Shapeshifters

At least it was not rabies. Even with what I have learned at the Infirmary, that is a blessing.

Though he has not shown any tendencies to the clan side of his background, my mentors were afraid what he might have gotten in that bite. He might only have the empathic resonances, which would be a good thing - he needs to learn control though. The library is extensive, but with as many planes as the clans travel, we cannot be experts on everything. What we have is likely as much medical knowledge Sheriff Ortegavich has of the condition, but honestly, it it likely to be less.

On the other hand, he has not had any accompanying infections, and the stability of form has not been breached. Wolfgang is going through the normal changes human children go through, which includes increased hirsuteness, and some personality changes. Some of these have accelerated, with the nocturnal wanderings, and his changes in appetite. He never much cared for vegetables before, and one expects an interest in less-processed meat as the palate matures, but usually that is also accompanied by a broadening of diet, not restriction to carnivore.

This goes without mentioning what one can see when perched in the topmost branches of a large oak tree, or when one is hovering above it.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ama - I'm contacting you here as I don't have an email address for you I'm sorry.

In my tale I'm visiting the Lab and I've only just realised (via Frau Lowey journal) that you live there. In my tale I've just met Lunar (the human version) who explained to me a little about the pentacle and the occult dealings of the Masons, but it would be lovely to meet you there and write something together.

If you'd be interested, you can drop me a line at headburroantfarm a t g m a i l d 0 t c 0 m :-D